Did you know that it’s easy to make your own dog toys?

In this online training I will teach you how to make your own toys. And guess what? It’s easy! I will teach you all of the fun things you can do with simple and cheap materials. You will receive instructions on how to make the DIY toys in text and in video!


  • Instructions on how to make a squeaky, fluffy, rolling, mop and fleece toy.
  • Instructions in text
  • Instruction videos


“Lots of fun. Thanks a lot! I’ve been inspired with some great ideas.”
Jolanda Laan

“Really fun, we are going to take these ideas with us to South Africa to make toys for the dogs there and we might even make them for big cats like tigers/lions.”

Anita Starre
“Great that there were videos to watch too! I’m definitely going to use this. Thanks!.”

“Fun and useful toys. I didn’t make all of the toys, as we already have so many toys, but as soon as one of the toys break, I’m going to make one of these DIY toys.”

Marlies Bouten


After registration you can immediately start with the training.

DIY dog toys