Are you up for the challenge? In this online training you will work on improving your bond with your dog by means of daily short exercises.

Gain new insights and a better understanding of your dog. These new insights will allow you to interact in a more positive way with your dog, giving your dog more freedom within the set boundaries and rules. The interaction between you and your dog will not only be a lot more pleasurable, it will also ensure a better obedience.

In a two-week period you will receive daily exercises. Every exercise will only take up a few minutes of your time.


  • How to improve your bond with your dog
  • What the ultimate reward is for your dog
  • How to be more positive towards your dog
  • More eye contact
  • Better response from your dog to his own name
  • Allowing your dog to make his own choices
  • Teaching calm behaviour
  • Teach your dog self-control without the need for corrections
  • The truth about dominance

  • A few great and effective games


  • Daily exercises during a two-week period
  • Some supporting videos
  • Ask a certified dog trainer questions about the exercises (option)


  • Dogs of all ages: puppy’s, adolescents and adults
  • Anyone who wants to improve their bond with their dog
  • If you want to stop punishing your dog, but you’re unsure about how to do so
  • If you want to do fun exercises with your dog


"I thought the exercises were educational for myself as well as for Gizmo. Some exercises were extremely useful, whereas we already knew some of the other exercises."

Sandra Henzen

"We really enjoyed the training. I now have new insights into Bruno and still frequently use many of your tips."

Ria de Kuijper

"I’m going to miss the daily e-mails! Every mail was a little -oh ofcourse- moment. Sometimes it can just be that easy. I am definitely going to regularly look back at the e-mails."

Renate Bartels

"I learned a lot from the training and pay more attention to the fact that positive ratification works. Great experience, especially useful now I’ve got a new puppy."

Ali Karlsson

"I really enjoyed the training and myself and Choco learned a lot. We looked forward to receiving a new exercise every day. It’s a shame it’s over."

Caro Kraan


After registration you can start the course immediately.

Improve your bond with your dog - Basic

  • Access to the course
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Improve your bond with your dog - Extra

  • Access to the course
  • Ask questions by email