In the online lessons you and your pup will learn basic skills by the means of creative and fun exercises that you will both profit from for life.

The course is composed by dog trainer Tom Rosens and divided into eight modules. Is it going too fast or you don’t have much time? That’s no problem. You can complete the exercises at your own pace.

At the end of each module there is a short test and you will receive a diploma once you have completed the course. You can follow this online course anywhere in the world via your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc.


  • To house train your puppy
  • How to handle undesirable behaviours such as biting and jumping up at people
  • Commands such as sit, down, settle, eye contact, etc
  • Walking without pulling
  • How to socialise your puppy
  • How to get your dog’s attention when in proximity to distractions
  • Impulse control around food, toys, people, and dogs
  • Recall (returning after one call)
  • Prevention of problem behaviours
  • How to utilise positive training by rewarding desired behaviours and learn how to interrupt and prevent undesirable behaviours
  • How dogs learn and communicate
  • Stress signals
  • The facts about dominance


  • Unlimited access to the lessons

  • 8 modules with exercises

  • In total you will receive 46 components, consisting of theory, exercises, and socialisation

  • Certificate

  • Access to later additions

  • Each module is concluded with a short knowledge test

  • An instructor to ask any questions to via email, phone, or video call (optional)

  • Feedback on your homework (optional)


If the course does not meet your expectations then let us know within 12 days and you will receive a full refund without an issue.


"Excellent, from the start I had some uncertainties and questions about certain things, but they were answered immediately and this even led to some changes or additions to the teaching material. These changes were just what I was missing. This course is very clear. And most importantly, my dog ​​followed the assignments without any problem and this also made me enthusiastic. We both enjoyed it and I will certainly follow another online course from Tom Rosens. "

Pamela Adamus

"The course provides practical tools, which is very pleasant. It is also nice that the pitfalls are mentioned. Nice that the course is structured in short modules. Also a clear, easy-to-read layout."

Anne-Marie Kranendonk

"I thought it was a super instructive course, I learned a lot from it."

Amber Velghe

"Educational course, nice to the point, making it clear and easy to apply. Our puppy really enjoyed it!"

Estelle Moorman

"Good explanation and good information."


"Great course. I now understand my dog's behavior much better and can now educate him in the right way."

Rabia Sewpersad

"Very practical, clear and very easy to do. Educational."

Alice Koskamp-Leurs

"I found it very educational. You can achieve a lot with your pet with patience and love"

Diane, Nederland

"Very practical course. Found it very enlightening and stimulates to do exercises with the puppy. Many questions have been answered by the text. I keep practicing everything"

Marlies Bouten

"Simple and clear. Recommended to all dog owners who want a good relationship with their dog without violence and shouting."

Frieda de Becker

"Nice course to become aware of behavior."

Liesbeth Jansen


After registering you will be able to begin the course immediately.

Online Puppy Course - Basic

  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Certificate

Online Puppy Course - Extra

  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Certificate
  • Ask questions via email